Tuesday, March 10, 2015

To Give a Fuck or To Not Give a Fuck

It's insane how much you can convince yourself that people matter when they don't.

I mean, really.

Not being an asshole - everyone says they don't give a fuck, but they do. They give a fuck about damn near everyone and everything. Even saying you don't give a fuck...in a way, you have to be contemplating it to decide that.

Somehow we have to learn to not give a fuck about not giving a fuck about something. 

To become successful it's overwhelmingly obvious how many things you have to laugh at and release, realizing how ignorant you were to care so much about shit that really didn't matter. 

Oh, and say it. If you feel it and you mean it, say it. I almost DIDN'T tell someone how important they were to me because it felt weird. It was nagging at me to tell them I gave a fuck, but I convinced myself I needed not say it. So I didn't. 

Then the next day I did. 

Because pretending to not give a fuck is actually quite consuming too. 

Rambling on, I'm in month two of no facebook. I did use snapchat for about three days. I am on Twitter again, barely. & Google+ is fun.

Seriously though, fuck facebook. 

I think that's all.