Wednesday, March 11, 2015

One second

It takes one day to change. No, it takes a wakeup, a second. One single decision that takes one single second to change. You don't TRY to change. You are never in the process of changing. You do it or don't. Now or not right now. 

But if you don't do it - right now - you aren't changed. Don't bullshit yourself into believing that you're taking on this life mission to change and it's one baby step at a time. That's not changing. That's procrastinating and holding on to everything you need to change - only letting the easiest parts of it go. That's convenience. 

"It takes time" is the stupidest shit ever. You decided to pick up that bad thing, whatever it was you need to let go of and you can drop it as fast as U picked it up. "Slowly but surely" is the second stupidest thing ever and it's almost a tie. You can change your whole entire life this instant by saying "It's different now." That's change. 

Baby yourself and sugarcoat it all you want, but "I'm in the process of changing my whole life one step at a time, slowly but surely" really means "I'm changing the easy shit and holding onto my deepest flaws because I'm comfortable being mediocre and I like talking myself into believing I'm actually doing something when I'm not."

Someone just woke me up to this unintentionally and I'm kinda pissed that I was tricking myself for so long. I'm different now though, because I want to be. 

So, I'm sharing it with you. You're welcome.