Monday, March 16, 2015

One is...

There are many people that fill my life. Some of my closest friends are people that will never cross paths with each other. Some of them don't realize they are my closest friends, and I may not be theirs, but that doesn't change how I categorize them.

One is a drug addict. One is a drug dealer. One is a stay at home mother-an amazing artist who writes beautiful poems - except she no longer writes or draws. One is a drama queen. One is promiscuous. One has no talent at all, but would give the world just to spend five minutes with people she cares about.

One cleans houses, but really should own a house cleaning business. She's an entrepreneur. She just doesn't know it yet. One is a scientist. He's my favorite person in the world. His demons are eating him alive, but I think he can win the war.

One is focused beyond belief and will make it big. She's just into one hundred things at once, which is fine because she will accomplish them all one day. One is a dreamer and he will consistently pretend that he doesn't have control of his situation because he would run out of dreams if they were to become reality. 

The greatest one is the most skilled of all. She has grace, logic, talent, and the whole world is at her fingertips. Somehow she has found the key to life and happiness without needing the things I think are needed for peace. She has also found a human that compliments her so well that she would be a fool to not realize how blessed she is. She knows. Hence, she's not a fool. 

One is a murderer who suffers from mental illness, but without him my life wouldn't be possible so slay on slayer.

Then, there's me. I am the biggest enemy and critic of myself. This is a good thing. I know exactly who I'm up against.