Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Every day Facebook sends me another email. Yo, Jenn you have 16 friend requests, 13 messages, 5,736 notifications. Ok, not really that many notifications, but the numbers all go up daily. And daily, Facebook sends out their automated email to let me know just where that number is.

At first, it intrigued me. Who was wanting to be my friend? What if a message on there was something enlightening that I needed or would want to know? What were the notifications about? Even worse, what if someone was talking mad shit on my page right now and everyone was seeing it?

Slowly, I was less interested, but I kept thinking, what about those strangers that want to tell you some juicy stuff that you might not find out any other way? What if my not logging on was going to cost me not knowing some crazy thing somebody said or did to me that I had no clue of. 

Now, here I am. I'm not a regular person. I do awesome shit & accomplish a lot. I logged off of facebook for three months just to see if I could do it. Although my three months will be up May 2nd, I don't think I will ever log on again. If I do, I'm sure it will be quickly and then back off. My life is too amazing. 

I'm really surprised at how much can be gained by logging off. 

I have enough friends. All I'm interested in gaining now are fans. Believe me.